HR Consulting

HR Consulting is a billion dollar business that is the brain child of management consulting. It takes care of decisions and tasks involved with human resource management. At HRandPR you get the best resource in HR Consulting that can multiply the output of your man power, as we are one of the premier company catering to the below mentioned core fields.

Human Capital is the most valuable asset of any organization. It includes remuneration, incentives, talent acquisition and management along with employee rewards.

Acquisitions and Mergers decide the job-type, cultural adaption and transaction costs in order to find out the overall profit and losses incurred by an organization.

Health & Benefits include drafting employee health plans and the carriers are significant for the organizational development and professional and personal growth of the employee.

Retirement plans that make arrangements to secure an employee’s life and strategies to acquire new talent from the market.

Recruitment through outsourcing saves the time and expenses to a great extent and brings the best talent through your clients.

There must be open Communication between the employer and employee, it enables the HR team to find out attitude, engagement, satisfaction and other behavioral aspects of the employees and implement necessary strategies to channelize the work force in a positive way.

HR consulting service again include legal counseling, investment consulting, global initiative and implementing HR technologies for facilitating human capital management.

The HR associates and consultants at HR and PR are from reputed business schools of the country and have a consistent track record for devising innovative ideas in Human Resource Management jobs. They have much valued qualifications across various fields involved in this industry, like finance, general consulting, human resource and other important sections.

HR Consulting is the branch of management consulting focusing on the process of effective organization of employees to meet the organizational goals. This is the best way to approach any issue related to the employee and organizational needs in order to sort out problems and serves the best for both of them. An effective and purely professional HR consultant is definitely capable of offering the best advice to a company, so that a large range of issues are managed and productivity of the company is achieved easily.

The HR professionals at our firm are having ample knowledge about legal matters, finance and accounting as well as personal issues, management education and health and benefit packages to offer all-round services, to our clients with seamless ease. He can even have credentials in special human resource education, so that the employees and organizational goals can be handled simultaneously.

Human Resource management is essential for every size and type of organization and is really indispensable. HR consulting guides start-up companies to establish procedures and policies to comply with laws applicable for hiring and firing personnel. Smaller companies need the help of HR consultants to assist them for taking the existing man force to a new level by developing employee handbooks and increasing productivity through creation of advantageous techniques.

Large corporations seek help from Human Resource Consulting to felicitate current HR team evaluation, establish grievance mediation practices, and suggesting effective methods for reorganization of departments and enhance the productivity.

When you hire an efficient HR firm like HRandPR, you are sure to get the maximum benefit out of your organization. We dedicate our time and efforts to go through each minute detail of the issues you are facing in HR and remain with you till we resolve the issues. At critical situations our contract stretches to support you in revamping the entire HR exercise, ranging from three months to one year on the same project.

Our aim is always to offer you the best HR consulting experience till date and we promise you that one deal would lead to lot of future endeavors after you are satisfied with our track record and work efficiency. By the time we leave your company you would be happy to get an efficient and fully capable HR department in the company, which can assist you for further HR related needs.

The HR department would have designated guidelines with procedures to adapt any kind of personnel issues within the organization and the HR team from the said department would have a transparent view about their responsibilities and duties.

When the HR consulting at your organization is fully capable of achieving the goals, there is no need of us to be there as you no longer require our services at that scenario to manage and deal with your HR issues. By the time we get over the contract you are sure to have the best HR department on your organization that can handle any HR related crisis with great ease.