Human Resource the backbone of every organization

Human Resource DevelopmentHuman Resource is the pillar of any successful business establishment. The HR person is responsible to maintain the workforce of an organization. Business sectors as well as government of a nation need Human Resource, in order to carry out the functions to take total responsibility in implementing policies and strategies related to management of individuals in that organization. At HrandPR we take great care to offer Human Resource consulting services that are focused at administrative management activities and adopt strategic as well as quantitative approach to workforce management.

The reason behind implementing HR practice must enhance the human capital of an organization and decrease the financial risk. Human Resource manager’s role is to streamline the capabilities of current workforce and providing qualified and skilled resources with the ongoing as well as future business plans of the organization. This will help the organization’s to improve the return on investment and lead to a successful and secure future.

Human Resource practice has to involve the perfect HR requirements, considering the state and local labor laws and regulations, net cost, in such a way that increases maximum employee motivation, productivity and commitment, offering the best environment for growth.

Policies, systems, standards and processes are developed and strategies are chalked out in Human Resource plans to implement these strategies across a wide range.

The key factors of HR practices are as follows:

Maintaining compliance and awareness with federal, local and state labor laws is one of the most important HR policies.

Record-keeping of employees with confidentiality is equally vital for the HR.

Selection, recruitment and resourcing are few of the essential aspects of the HR team.

Design and development of an organization is the responsibility of the HR.

Management of performance, behavior and conduct of the workforce in an organization is very important job of the HR.

Training and development of the workforce is utmost important.

Workforce analysis and workforce data management needs to be of much priority.

Employee motivation and morale building has so much weight on the HR policy.

Compensation and managing employee benefits is really essential for a successful HR team of an organization.

Importance of industrial and employee relations can never be avoided to establish a healthy HR practice.

Change management and business transformation have a great role in the HR practice of any organization.

The processes, policies and standards can directly be managed by the HR or team or can be indirectly supervised by managers, other business functions or by third-party external partner organizations like HRandPR. Legal issues need to be carefully taken care of by the HR personnel or the team.

For an efficient HR management service it is essential to have the detail data about the workforce, like the age group, their social standing, gender, skills and qualifications, expertise in the work responsibility assigned and so on. Knowing all the above would make it easy to devise a proper pension plan, appraisals and other things.

Human Resource Development is a Framework that is responsible for spreading employee resource within an organization or in a geographic region (nation). Training, education, health facilities and employment policies assures the continuous growth of employees and the organization as well as the national human resource. Employees are asset to the organization according to the HRD framework.

The structure of HRD initiates individual development that satisfies organizational or national goals. Growth and employees development is the pressing subject for the HRD framework and developing individual skills and potentials.

Training the employees for their professional success as well as the development of the organization is very important, as an organization depends on the capability and efficiency of its workforce to stand straight and do business. With changing times and technological advancements, employees should be trained to arm themselves with the latest technology and the knowledge to tackle any pitfalls with great performance.

Recruiting and selecting, applicants and employees is the usual norm of resourcing strategy of any organization, so as to save the organization. Both internally and externally the resources can be obtained, as per the need of the organization. Internal recruitment is cost effective as it involves only appraisal and promotion with a considerably lower amount than an external candidate to retain the efficient employee upgrading his skills with training.

At HRandPR, we train the candidates to excel in their skills as well as well as outsource them to suitable organizations.